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Human Solutions PodcastHuman Solutions – Simplifying HR for People Who Love HR 

Each week we will showcase a bite-size conversation dedicated to helping you get your arms around another HR challenge. The people on this show have decades of experience, and this is our chance to share that knowledge with you. Subscribe to our podcast on your listening platform of choice:

S2 E8: Tools for Motivating, Celebrating, and Honoring Your Teams – Cultivating a motivated workforce is the organization’s ultimate goal, especially in the face of extraordinary turnover across the employment market. So, what does it take to motivate an employee?

S2 E7: The Courage of Inclusion with John Regan and Juliette Mayers – What does it mean to be inclusive? For HR pros, if you’re not thinking about diversity and inclusion in your recruiting and retention efforts, you’re missing critical talent across younger generations. AIM CEO John Regan and Inspiration Zone CEO Juliette Mayers lend us their wisdom in building an inclusive organization from the top down.

S2 E6: Quiet Quitting and Building the Unbreakable Employer-Employee Relationship -Is quiet quitting just an example of engaged workers setting reasonable boundaries, or of an impending productivity crisis in your organization? Terry Cook, Jen Moff, and Jillian Derby lend their insights to this quiet quitting phenomenon.

S2 E5: Is Your Company Ready for Pay Transparency? -Pay transparency is growing in popularity amongst employers and employees. For some states, it has become a legal requirement. But what exactly is pay transparency? What do you need to know? Kyle Pardo of AIM HR Solutions and Sam Larson of Associated Industries of Massachusetts join Pete Wright to look into the crystal ball at the future of pay transparency to share what is happening — and what could happen at the state and federal levels. We’ll also share some ways companies are already practicing pay transparency, how your company can get started, and the HR benefits it could bring your organization.

S2 E4: The Competitive Advantage of Your Learning & Development Program – Learning and development can transform how your employees feel about their role and company. When we think of the benefits of training or education and development, it is often not just a dollar amount. Instead, it is seen in the organization’s culture, recruitment and retention efforts, and many other hard-to-measure facets. What we do know is that more dynamic and strong-performing companies often have a positive learning culture. Jen Moff, our VP of Learning & Development, joins me to remind us what we’re missing if we don’t focus on our L&D.

S2 E3: Managing Stress and Heading Off Burnout – If you’re an HR manager, learning how burnout manifests across your organization is a key skill. But what happens if you spot it? What is your responsibility to help the organization heal, and to help team members see burnout in themselves? Learn the tools and techniques to spot burnout and help your teams manage stress for a healthy, thriving organization!

S2 E2: Social Media & the HR Professional – It’s easy to let concerns over team social media use over-shadow and engaged culture. How do you find the balance between the two? Terry Cook and Tom Jones join Pete Wright to share.

Season 2: Dos & Don’ts of ADA Accommodations – The Americans with Disabilities Act is one of the more complex and challenging laws employers are navigating. What is the scope of the ADA? What do qualified accommodations look like at work? What might make for an accommodation that is declined? But most important, as an HR professional, what is your responsibility to guide the team in looking for ADA violations, all toward creating a safe place for all employees? Terry Cook, our Senior Vice President of Employer Services, and Tom Jones, our very own attorney specializing in labor and employment matters, join Pete Wright this week to share what you need to know about ADA.

E10: The F Word – Employer Flexibility – Terry Cook, Jillian Derby, and Kelly McInnis, join Pete Wright to talk all about flexibility in the workplace, what it means today, and what managers can do on their own to foster flexibility.

E9: The Dos and Don’ts in Record-keeping for HR -Paperwork is one not-so-exciting — yet critical — piece of an HR person’s job. This week, Kyle Pardo and Tom Jones share practical and legal considerations for managing the record-keeping process for your organization.

E8: Managing, Mentoring and Motivating Across Generations – Gen Z is in the workplace! Who are they? How are they different from millennials? And why has everyone forgotten Gen X? This week, we have our own Gen Z’er is in the spotlight, along with her Millennial counterparts. Jen Moff, our VP of training, Jillian Derby, our senior marketing director, and Kallee McGraw our events support specialist spill the tea on what makes this generation tick and what your company should be thinking about when it comes to attracting, retaining, and fostering relationships across generations at work.

E7: The Delicate Matter of Termination – The manner in which a termination is handled can impact the morale of the entire workplace and must be handled carefully, while being respectful of the out-going employee’s experience. Terry Cook and Tom Jones join Pete Wright to share what you need to know about handling terminations.

E6: Demystifying Mindfulness – Mindfulness has become a workplace buzzword, but what is it? Can you learn it? How do you practice it? Jen Moff and Kathleen Worthington join Pete Wright to delve into what HR and workplaces need to know about mindfulness, its benefits, and why you should care.

E5: HR Prep for a Great Summer Work SeasonSeasonal workers bring changing processes and may invite a younger demographic into your world. What do you need to know about hiring young people? Will you be impacted by child labor or Massachusetts Blue Laws? How will you navigate conversations around productivity and dress codes? Finally, are you ready to meet OHSA’s new heat standards? Terry Cook and Tom Jones join Pete Wright to talk about what workplaces face in the summer months and the compliance concerns you need to keep in mind before you hit the beach.

E4: FMLA, PFMLA, Earned Sick Time — Where to Begin with Leaves of Absence?Tom Jones and Mary McNally join Pete Wright to break down LOAs and answer some of the most common questions we get from employers.

E3: HR & Recruiting Through the Great Resignation – Recruiting competition is peaking as we navigate the hiring environment now that the pandemic restrictions are lifting around us. The world is going back to work. But things are not the same as they were; job seekers are more selective than ever and getting them in the door is forcing hiring managers to rethink, regroup, and retool their processes. Join us as we  chat about what employers are doing to recruit, retain, and appeal to job seekers.

E2: The Slap Heard Round The World: Violence in the Workplace – Tom Jones, AIM HR Solutions attorney specializing in labor and employment matters, and Jen Moff, our VP of training, join Pete Wright to talk about workplace violence and how you can help your teams prepare, respond, and recover from incidents at work.

E1: Putting Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the HR Spotlight – Terry Cook, our Senior Vice President of Employer Services, and Tom Jones, our attorney specializing in labor and employment matters, join Pete Wright to talk about what employers and managers need to know about sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.