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Simplifying HR for People who Love HR

Each week we will showcase a bite-size conversation dedicated to helping you get your arms around another HR challenge. The people on this show have decades of experience, and this is our chance to share that knowledge with you. Subscribe to our podcast on your listening platform of choice:

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S5 E5: The Complicated Reality of Workplace Wellness Programs

A controversial article circulated a few months back criticizing the effectiveness of many workplace wellness programs. Jen Moff sits down with Pete Wright to talk about the perspective, and give you a path toward programs that work.

S5 E4: Exploring Workplace Coaching

This episode delves into the true power of coaching, debunking myths and highlighting its transformative potential in professional growth and career transitions.

S5 E3: The Big 3: The Top Categories of Calls to the HR Helpline

Ever wonder what the most common questions HR professionals grapple with are? In this episode we are joined by AIM HR Solutions team members, Tom Jones and Terry Cook will bring their expertise to the forefront on pressing HR issues.

S5 E2: Fueling DEI in Your Organization

In the rich tapestry of today’s workforce, the threads of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are not just woven in; they’re becoming the very fabric of organizational culture. Karen Wallace, Executive Vice President of Economic Inclusion at AIM sits down to share her perspectives with Pete Wright this week.

S5 E1: Peering into HR’s Crystal Ball: 2024 and Beyond

This week, Kyle Pardo and Tom Jones join Pete Wright to tackle everything from the intricacies of current compliance issues, such as FLSA and leave laws, to the emerging trends of AI, skills-based hiring, and the transformative power of mindful leadership.

S4 E11: AI & the Law

In this episode, we explore the legal implications of AI in human resources. Our guest is employment lawyer Bryn Goodman, partner at Fox Rothschild, and she brings our focus to recent regulations and what HR teams need to know as our industries enter the AI era.

S4 E10: AI & the Future of HR

As companies race to harness AI, what legal realities must they confront? How do these powerful tools reshape the employer-employee relationship? And in automating tasks once reserved for humans, what deeper human values are at stake? Employment lawyer Bryn Goodman and our own Terry Cook join Pete Wright to look into our AI future.

S4 E9: Financial Wellness in Focus: Helping Employees Find Peace of Mind

In this week’s episode of Human Solutions, Pete Wright explores the pressing issue of financial wellness in the workplace with Kirsten Hunter Peterson from AIM partner Fidelity Investments.

S4 E8: Redefining Performance Reviews for a New Era of Work

This week, Kyle Pardo and Terry Cook join Pete Wright to discuss reinventing employee evaluations in the aftershocks of a global shift to remote work due to COVID-19.

S4 E7: The Structured Learning & Development Strategy

What a poorly done L&D strategy is, is reactionary. It is short-term. It’s not thinking about the big picture,” says Jen Moff, Vice President of Learning and Development at AIM HR Solutions, in this week’s episode of Human Solutions. Pete Wright sits down with Moff to discuss how HR professionals can design learning and development programs that strategically align with and achieve organizational goals.

S4 E6: Authentic Recruiting

Why is recruiting the right candidates becoming an uphill battle for many companies today? This week, Pete Wright sits down with Jen Moff and Terry Cook to unpack the intricacies of modern recruitment. Together, we delve into the power of a purpose-driven mission and the importance of authentic branding.

S4 E5: Workers’ Comp Unpacked: Navigating Injuries, Communication, and Compliance

We’re jumping into the world of workers’ compensation. We start with an introduction to the topic, emphasizing the role of businesses and HR professionals. As we navigate workers’ compensation.

S4 E4: The Challenges of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Lori Bourgoin and Tom Jones Pete Wright to delve deep into this complex issue, highlighting the real-world scenarios HR must grapple with, the legal implications, and the critical role they play in managing substance use challenges in the modern workplace.

S4 E3: Crafting a Modern Employee Handbook: Tips to Stay Current and Effective

We’re turning the pages on employee handbooks, those essential guides that can make or break workplace understanding. We will analyze standout examples of practical handbooks and those that missed their mark.

S4 E2: HR The Party Planner

Office parties have always been a double-edged sword for employers. On one hand, they can boost morale, foster camaraderie, and reward workers for jobs well done. On the other, they come with their fair share of liabilities, especially when alcohol enters the picture.

S4 E1: The Loud Quitter

This week, Tom Jones and Terry Cook join Pete Wright to talk about a topic that’s making waves in the corporate world and setting Human Resources departments on their toes: an audacious, unapologetic, and strikingly public phenomenon known as “Loud Quitting.”

S3 E10: Decoding Wage Theft for HR Professionals

This week we unravel the complex web of wage theft and its implications for HR professionals! Sam Larson and Tom Jones join Pete Wright and together, they explore a variety of legal cases related to wage theft, shedding light on the importance of understanding the underlying issues and the legislation that aims to protect employees and ensure accurate payment of wages.

S3 E9: Benefits Reimagined: A Fresh Strategy

Figuring out how to best design a benefits program that aligns with your company’s culture, values, and the needs of your employees isn’t easy. And, just as tastes shift over time, so must the offerings in you company benefits plan. This week, Mary McNally and Stacey Wenczel join Pete Wright to share their insights into building a benefits plan that satisfies your teams, while thinking out of the box, too.

S3 E8: Connecting HR, Learning & Development, and the Dynamics of Employee Engagement

We unveil the power of collaboration between HR professionals and learning and development experts to craft bespoke solutions that elevate both employees and the organization with AIMs Jen Moff and Kathleen Worthington

S3 E7: HR Mindfulness Matters: Mental Health in the Workplace

Jen Moff and Jillian Derby join Pete Wright to share personal stories, experiences, and valuable insights on creating a supportive and compassionate work environment.

S3 E6: HR and Stress Management

Jen Moff and Tom Jones Join Pete Wright to guide us through the HR labyrinth of stress management. So get ready to to transform your workplace using your magnificent HR power and create a happier, healthier workplace for everyone.

S3 E5: AIM’s DEI Council: Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Starting Your Own

Are you thinking about launching and leading a diversity, equity, and inclusion council in your workplace? This week, Pete Wright sits down with Reid Tomihara, Vasundhra Sangar, Gaetan Kashala, and HR expert Terry Cook as they share their personal stories, successes, and challenges in bringing diversity councils to today’s organizations, and the power these councils have to drive meaningful change.

S3 E4: Pay Rates to Job Duties: How to Determine Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

Are you confident that your employees are classified correctly as exempt or non-exempt? The answer may not be as straightforward as you think. In this episode of Human Solutions, HR experts Dan Baker and Kyle Pardo from AIM HR Solutions join Pete Wright to explore the ins and outs of exempt vs non-exempt classification.

S3 E3 From Bottles to Boardrooms: Navigating the Pump Act for Pregnant Workers

Are you a working parent expecting a baby? Or are you an HR professional looking to support pregnant and nursing employees? Regardless, you’ll want to tune in to this episode of Human Solutions. We’ll discuss everything from legal requirements for employers to mental health support for pregnant workers.

What is HR’s Role in Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Disclosure Agreements?

Non-Compete Agreements are a hot topic in HR right now, thanks in no small part to the FTC…

S3 E1: An HR Professional’s Guide to Dress Code Policies that Work

Are you tired of feeling like the fashion police when it comes to enforcing a dress code in your workplace? As an HR professional, you know that dress code policies are essential to maintain a professional and safe workplace.

S2 E12: The Evolving Workplace Post-Pandemic: Remote Workplace Ergonomics

The push toward remote work has accelerated considerably since the pandemic’s start. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people primarily working from tripled between 2019 and 2021. In this episode, Mark Millett, Director of HR from AIM Mutual Insurance Companies, and Kyle Pardo, EVP of AIM HR Solutions, join Pete Wright to uncover how the workplace has transformed post-COVID, and why the ergonomics of your remote workers should be top of mind.

S2 E11: Managing Caregivers in the Workplace

The number of caregivers in the workplace has increased significantly since the onset of the pandemic. Employees have increased responsibilities for children, elderly parents, and other loved ones. Many employers provide benefits and follow business practices recommended to support employee caregivers, but creating a culture responsive to employees’ needs and well-being is as challenging as it is critical. This week, AIM EVP of Government Affairs, Brooke Thomson, joins Pete Wright to discuss employees balancing care-giving duties, and how employers are helping their employees navigate the challenge of care-giving.

S2 E10: Handling Layoffs

Meta, Salesforce, Twitter, Zillow, and Peleton are just a few of the significant companies recently making headlines for massive layoffs. Layoffs are unpleasant for everyone but can sometimes be a necessity.
AIM HR attorneys Tom Jones and Sarah Piscatelli join Pete Wright to discuss what employers and HR need to consider regarding layoffs.

S2 E8: Tools for Motivating, Celebrating, and Honoring Your Teams

Cultivating a motivated workforce is the organization’s ultimate goal, especially in the face of extraordinary turnover across the employment market. So, what does it take to motivate an employee?

S2 E7: The Courage of Inclusion with John Regan and Juliette Mayers

What does it mean to be inclusive? For HR pros, if you’re not thinking about diversity and inclusion in your recruiting and retention efforts, you’re missing critical talent across younger generations. AIM CEO John Regan and Inspiration Zone CEO Juliette Mayers lend us their wisdom in building an inclusive organization from the top down.

S2 E6: Quiet Quitting and Building the Unbreakable Employer-Employee Relationship

Is quiet quitting just an example of engaged workers setting reasonable boundaries, or of an impending productivity crisis in your organization? Terry Cook, Jen Moff, and Jillian Derby lend their insights to this quiet quitting phenomenon.

S2 E5: Is Your Company Ready for Pay Transparency?

Back in the day, salary discussions were very hush-hush in the office. Now it seems as if we’ve done a total 180. With TikTok videos trending of people openly sharing their job and salary to pay, transparency laws are popping up all across the country. But what exactly is pay transparency? We’re here to break it all down for you.

S2 E4: The Competitive Advantage of Your Learning & Development Program

Jen Moff joins Pete Wright to explore the topic of Learning & Development programs and the ROI and benefits they can provide your organization.

S2 E3: Managing Stress and Heading Off Burnout

Jen Moff, AIM HR VP of Learning & Development, joins Pete Wright to talk about the evolution of mental health in the workplace, the changing expectations of employers and employees about stress at work, and why strengthening the mind muscle might just be next on your exercise plan.

S2 E2: Savvy Social Media and the HR Professional

It’s easy to let concerns over team social media use over-shadow and engaged culture. How do you find the balance between the two? Terry Cook and Tom Jones join Pete Wright to share.

S2 E1: Dos & Don’ts of ADA Accommodations

Terry Cook and Tom Jones join Pete Wright to share what you need to know about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

S1 E10: The “F” Word: Employer Flexibility

Terry Cook, Jillian Derby, and Kelly McInnis, join Pete Wright to talk all about flexibility in the workplace, what it means today, and what managers can do on their own to foster flexibility.

S1 E9: The Dos and Don’ts in Record-keeping for HR

Paperwork is one not-so-exciting — yet critical — piece of an HR person’s job. This week, Kyle Pardo and Tom Jones share practical and legal considerations for managing the record-keeping process for your organization.

S1 E8: Managing, Mentoring and Motivating Across Generations

Gen Z is in the workplace! Who are they? How are they different from millennials? And why has everyone forgotten Gen X? This week, we have our own Gen Z’er is in the spotlight, along with her Millennial counterparts. Jen Moff, our VP of training, Jillian Derby, our senior marketing director, and Kallee McGraw our events support specialist spill the tea on what makes this generation tick and what your company should be thinking about when it comes to attracting, retaining, and fostering relationships across generations at work.

S1 E7: The Delicate Matter of Termination

The manner in which a termination is handled can impact the morale of the entire workplace and must be handled carefully, while being respectful of the out-going employee’s experience. Terry Cook and Tom Jones join Pete Wright to share what you need to know about handling terminations.

S1 E6: Demystifying Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a workplace buzzword, but what is it? Can you learn it? How do you practice it? Jen Moff and Kathleen Worthington join Pete Wright to delve into what HR and workplaces need to know about mindfulness, its benefits, and why you should care.

S1 E5:HR Prep for a Great Summer Work Season

Seasonal workers bring changing processes and may invite a younger demographic into your world. What do you need to know about hiring young people? Will you be impacted by child labor or Massachusetts Blue Laws? How will you navigate conversations around productivity and dress codes? Finally, are you ready to meet OHSA’s new heat standards? Terry Cook and Tom Jones join Pete Wright to talk about what workplaces face in the summer months and the compliance concerns you need to keep in mind before you hit the beach.

FMLA, PFMLA, Earned Sick Time — Where to Begin with Leaves of Absence?

Tom Jones and Mary McNally join Pete Wright to break down LOAs and answer some of the most common questions we get from employers.

S1 E3: HR & Recruiting Through the Great Resignation

Recruiting competition is peaking as we navigate the hiring environment now that the pandemic restrictions are lifting around us. The world is going back to work. But things are not the same as they were; job seekers are more selective than ever and getting them in the door is forcing hiring managers to rethink, regroup, and retool their processes. Join us as we chat about what employers are doing to recruit, retain, and appeal to job seekers.

S1 E2: The Slap Heard Round The World: Violence in the Workplace

Tom Jones, AIM HR Solutions attorney specializing in labor and employment matters, and Jen Moff, our VP of training, join Pete Wright to talk about workplace violence and how you can help your teams prepare, respond, and recover from incidents at work.

S1 E1: Putting Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the HR Spotlight

Terry Cook, our Senior Vice President of Employer Services, and Tom Jones, our attorney specializing in labor and employment matters, join Pete Wright to talk about what employers and managers need to know about sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.