S3 E8: Connecting HR, Learning & Development, and the Dynamics of Employee Engagement

Podcast May 24, 2023

This week, we unveil the power of collaboration between HR professionals and learning and development experts to craft bespoke solutions that elevate both employees and the organization. Jen Moff and Kathleen Worthington join Pete Wright to offer an insider’s perspective on the nuanced differences between training and coaching, and unlock the secret to building a thriving learning culture that magnetizes top talent, including millennials and Gen Z.
We’ll explore the transformative impact of investing in training and development to effortlessly bridge generational gaps, forging unified teams and fostering a shared vision of the organization’s goals and values.



December 13, 2023

S4 E11: AI & the Law

In this episode, we explore the legal implications of AI in human resources. Our guest is employment lawyer Bryn Goodman, partner at Fox Rothschild, and she brings our focus to recent regulations and what HR teams need to know as our industries enter the AI era.

December 5, 2023

S4 E10: AI & the Future of HR

As companies race to harness AI, what legal realities must they confront? How do these powerful tools reshape the employer-employee relationship? And in automating tasks once reserved for humans, what deeper human values are at stake? Employment lawyer Bryn Goodman and our own Terry Cook join Pete Wright to look into our AI future.

November 27, 2023

S4 E9: Financial Wellness in Focus: Helping Employees Find Peace of Mind

In this week’s episode of Human Solutions, Pete Wright explores the pressing issue of financial wellness in the workplace with Kirsten Hunter Peterson from AIM partner Fidelity Investments.

November 20, 2023

S4 E8: Redefining Performance Reviews for a New Era of Work

This week, Kyle Pardo and Terry Cook join Pete Wright to discuss reinventing employee evaluations in the aftershocks of a global shift to remote work due to COVID-19.

November 13, 2023

S4 E7: The Structured Learning & Development Strategy

What a poorly done L&D strategy is, is reactionary. It is short-term. It’s not thinking about the big picture,” says Jen Moff, Vice President of Learning and Development at AIM HR Solutions, in this week’s episode of Human Solutions. Pete Wright sits down with Moff to discuss how HR professionals can design learning and development programs that strategically align with and achieve organizational goals.