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Ensuring a competitive compensation structure is at the heart of your organization’s success, and AIM HR Solutions’ comprehensive market analysis service is designed to do just that.

Conducting a comprehensive market analysis ensures that your organization’s compensation structure is competitive with the rest of the market. This is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent, as employees are likely to look elsewhere if they feel they are being paid unfairly. Moreover, our market analysis service illuminates potential pay gaps or disparities in your organization, particularly those that may disproportionately affect employees of different genders or races.

Addressing these gaps is important for compliance with MA pay equity law and can improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

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AIM HR Solutions can help by:

  • Identifying the skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions for each position and document them in well-crafted job descriptions.
  • Matching your job descriptions to our comprehensive national salary survey database.
  • Analyzing the data by local region, company size and years of experience.
  • Analyzing pay by gender across comparable positions, incorporating allowable differentials such as length of service, merit, education and training, productivity, geography or travel.
  • Developing salary ranges and a compensation guide to support your current and future organization needs.
  • Developing strategies to eliminate gender-based differentials.
  • Training hiring managers on proper pre-employment inquiries
  • Providing training to your leadership team to understand the pay data and company pay practices.
  • 1:1 Remote Compliance Coaching
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