Workforce Training Grant Services

Step-by-step assistance in accessing grant dollars

Workforce Training Fund Program

AIM HR Solutions has helped hundreds of organizations secure training grants through the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP). If your company pays into the Massachusetts unemployment fund, it is eligible to participate in the WTFP.

In addition to being a premier training provider, our in-house experts partner with employers to guide them through the grant process.

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Accessing WTFP Grants

AIM HR Solutions helps Massachusetts employers of all sizes access WTFP grants by:

  • Determining if they meet eligibility requirements for funding
  • Providing information and guidance on WTFP and grant application process
  • Conducting a training needs assessment
  • Offering step-by-step coaching and templates during application preparation
  • Designing and delivering training programs to address specific organizational needs and budgets
  • Providing support throughout the grant life cycle

In nearly all cases, AIM HR Solutions does not charge for guiding companies as they work to secure training grants through the WTFP.

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Let us help navigate you through the grant process and identify the right training program for your business.

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