S4 E3: Crafting a Modern Employee Handbook: Tips to Stay Current and Effective

Podcast October 17, 2023

Today, we’re turning the pages on employee handbooks, those essential guides that can make or break workplace understanding. And who better to navigate this realm with us than experts from the forefront of HR Solutions? Kyle Pardo and Sarah Piscatelli join Pete Wright to analyze standout examples of practical handbooks and those that missed their mark.
Together, they explore the trend of handbooks moving away from dense legal terminology towards clear, accessible language, aiming for clarity and simplicity akin to a well-crafted document. They’ll navigate through the complexities of today’s workplace dynamics, learning to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your handbook remains timely and relevant. Plus, they offer insights into the latest policy updates from AIM HR Solutions.
Join us for a thoughtful and insightful journey into the nuances of employee handbooks.
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