S4 E3: Crafting a Modern Employee Handbook: Tips to Stay Current and Effective

Podcast October 17, 2023

Today, we’re turning the pages on employee handbooks, those essential guides that can make or break workplace understanding. And who better to navigate this realm with us than experts from the forefront of HR Solutions? Kyle Pardo and Sarah Piscatelli join Pete Wright to analyze standout examples of practical handbooks and those that missed their mark.
Together, they explore the trend of handbooks moving away from dense legal terminology towards clear, accessible language, aiming for clarity and simplicity akin to a well-crafted document. They’ll navigate through the complexities of today’s workplace dynamics, learning to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your handbook remains timely and relevant. Plus, they offer insights into the latest policy updates from AIM HR Solutions.
Join us for a thoughtful and insightful journey into the nuances of employee handbooks.
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November 27, 2023

S4 E9: Financial Wellness in Focus: Helping Employees Find Peace of Mind

In this week’s episode of Human Solutions, Pete Wright explores the pressing issue of financial wellness in the workplace with Kirsten Hunter Peterson from AIM partner Fidelity Investments.

November 20, 2023

S4 E8: Redefining Performance Reviews for a New Era of Work

This week, Kyle Pardo and Terry Cook join Pete Wright to discuss reinventing employee evaluations in the aftershocks of a global shift to remote work due to COVID-19.

November 13, 2023

S4 E7: The Structured Learning & Development Strategy

What a poorly done L&D strategy is, is reactionary. It is short-term. It’s not thinking about the big picture,” says Jen Moff, Vice President of Learning and Development at AIM HR Solutions, in this week’s episode of Human Solutions. Pete Wright sits down with Moff to discuss how HR professionals can design learning and development programs that strategically align with and achieve organizational goals.

November 7, 2023

S4 E6: Authentic Recruiting

Why is recruiting the right candidates becoming an uphill battle for many companies today? This week, Pete Wright sits down with Jen Moff and Terry Cook to unpack the intricacies of modern recruitment. Together, we delve into the power of a purpose-driven mission and the importance of authentic branding.

October 31, 2023

S4 E5: Workers’ Comp Unpacked: Navigating Injuries, Communication, and Compliance

We’re jumping into the world of workers’ compensation. We start with an introduction to the topic, emphasizing the role of businesses and HR professionals. As we navigate workers’ compensation.