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Jen Moff

Vice President Learning and Development

Jen joined the AIM HR Solutions team in 2022 as the Vice President of Learning & Development, where she focuses on the development and execution of our training programs. Learning and development professional by trade, with a background in acting and improvisation, allows her to merge fresh concepts with tactical tools.

Before AIM HR Solutions, Jen founded Magical Mindfulness LLC in 2013, and it quickly grew to include Magical Mindfulness Retreats, Magical Mindfulness Consulting, her brand, and more. She is a volunteer for and the Intimate Partner Violence Awareness program. Jen holds a Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership Certificate from the Santa Fe College Leader Institute. She is also a member of the Women’s Speakers Association and Innovation Women Speakers Bureau. Jen is also a published author; she has released several workbooks on Amazon dedicated to mindfulness and meditation. Jen has worked in telecommunications mobility, hospitality, retail, media, entertainment, technology, and educational sectors across North America.

If Jen were not working at AIM HR Solutions, she would be found facilitating transformational retreats, embracing her inner foodie, and performing with an improv troupe.

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