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Jillian Derby

Senior Marketing Director

Meet Jillian, the Senior Marketing Director at AIM HR Solutions. Her passion for marketing goes beyond just creating compelling campaigns – she believes that HR and marketing can work together to drive better business outcomes. With her expertise in communications, digital marketing, event marketing, email marketing, and social media, Jillian is responsible for driving awareness of AIM HR Solutions’ HR services and learning and development programs.

Jillian’s unique perspective allows her to find innovative solutions to help customers with their HR and workforce development needs. She is always looking for new and improved ways to communicate with customers and prospects. Before joining AIM HR Solutions in 2016, Jillian gained valuable experience across various industry sectors, including technology, event planning, and manufacturing.

If Jillian was not working for AIM HR Solutions, she would be found traveling the country in her RV with her family, exploring new places, and seeking out new experiences.

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