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HR Essentials – April Cohort

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HR Essentials Overview

Human resource professionals are tasked with attaining, supporting, rewarding, and retaining a company’s most important asset – its people! Whether you are new to HR or looking for a refresher, this course provides insight into recruitment, managing leaves, employee benefits, compensation, employment law compliance, policies and building a company culture. HR Essentials will provide participants foundational knowledge and skills needed to navigate the increasingly complex world of HR. In addition, you will be introduced to available HR resources and start to develop an HR network.

Who Should Attend?

  • Those in a position that includes human resource responsibilities
  • New HR professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge
  • Generalists who need a refresher
  • Anyone seeking specific training in a particular HR discipline
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Classes & Dates

HR Essentials

HR Essentials provides the knowledge needed for issues regarding employee relations, staying current on changing labor laws, managing benefits, performance management concerns, and more.

The sessions will on Thursdays for 14 weeks, from 10AM to 12PM

Thu, Apr 27

Human Resources for Anyone New To HR

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

You’re new to Human Resources, now what? Understanding the role of HR, understanding your role within HR, understanding your organization’s culture, how decisions are made, and how things really get done are daunting tasks for the newly-minted HR professional. Add to that the Herculean task of building trust with your supervisor and internal clients and building skills to influence others and you have what this program is all about! This session is about thriving, not just surviving in your new role or new organization. This knowledge building session gives you the chance to:`

  • Describe the delicate balancing act that is the role of Human Resources
  • Define how decisions are made in your organization and HR’s role in decision making
  • Explain how you can build trust within your organization
  • Define the skills you’ll need to build in order to influence decision-making
Thu, May 4

The Essential Skills of an HR Business Partner

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Developing the knowledge and expertise to support organizational success

This program is all about transitioning HR from reactive to strategic. Getting a seat at the table, playing a role in setting the direction of an organization, defining the mission, fine tuning the culture and influencing decision-making are key roles of Human Resources that have to be assertively carved-out and earned. How to insert HR into all organizational enclaves is a skill to be learned and this course focuses on just that!
This knowledge building session gives you the chance to:
  • Explain the steps required to transform your HR function from reactive to proactive; from tactical to strategic
  • Influence HR’s role in strategic planning
  • Model the strategic impact of the HR function to the organization by packaging metrics and analysis of HR’s contribution
  • Identify a formal means of workforce analysis, management inventory and succession planning
Thu, May 11

An Introduction to Federal Employment Laws

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Navigating the legal aspects with ease

This program is designed to help participants understand how Federal employment laws work in the real world – and how they apply very directly to the day-to-day duties, decisions and interactions of managers and supervisors. Virtually all risk related to employment law violation lies with uneducated or undereducated management. A primary focus is to enlighten participants as to how employment laws are broken every day – inadvertently – by leaders who think they’re making sound business decisions, and who would never intentionally discriminate.  In this session you will:

  • Review the basics of primary federal employment laws
  • Explore the impact of federal case law and company practices
  • Recognize situations that pose a legal risk to the organization
  • Learn to minimize risk by responding promptly and appropriately to workplace incidents
Thu, May 18

State Employer Laws: Massachusetts Edition

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Empower your employees to navigate employment regulations in the Commonwealth

This session is designed to help participants understand how State employment laws work in the real world – and how they apply very directly to the day-to-day duties, decisions and interactions of managers and supervisors. Virtually all risks related to employment law violations lie with uneducated or undereducated management. A primary focus is to enlighten participants as to how employment laws are broken every day – inadvertently – by leaders who think they’re making sound business decisions, and who would never intentionally discriminate.  In this session you will:

  • Review the basics of primary state employment laws
  • Explore the impact of state case law and company practices
  • Recognize situations that pose a legal risk to the organization
  • Learn leadership’s legal responsibility in Massachusetts for responding promptly and appropriately to workplace discrimination and harassment issues
Thu, May 25

Health and Welfare Benefits Made Simple

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Maximizing the value of your health and welfare benefits: A Comprehensive Guide for Employees

Designed as an overview, this course provides a survey of benefits concepts and definitions, mandatory offerings, compliance issues, leaves of absence, benefit plan management and a look at current trends in health and welfare programs. The program unmasks the alphabet soup that is the benefits world and the myriad of regulatory impacts on health & welfare programs. This knowledge building session gives you the chance to:

  • Identify common concepts and definitions in the health & welfare community
  • Describe the regulatory issues affecting health and welfare programs, retirement plans, 401(k) plans and the like
  • Identify the various leaves of absence types and the regulatory environment affecting leaves
  • Learn the essentials of benefit plan management and explore current trends”
Thu, Jun 1

Creating a Culture of Inclusion

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Building and promoting belonging is the workplace

What do the following five things have in common?

1. Employee recruiting and hiring
2. Global Staffing
3. Internal communication
4. Work/life balance
5. Performance Management

They all benefit from being thoughtfully designed with inclusion as their north star!
Inclusion in the workplace has traditionally been handled by HR departments in businesses. This practical and tactical session will help your organization create a culture of inclusion in your workplace and inspire togetherness. By the end of this skill-building session, you will:

  • Explore how a culture of inclusion benefits an organization
  • Build a framework for inclusivity and respect in your workplace
  • Discover best practices for leading an increasingly diverse workforce regarding generations, cultures, genders, backgrounds, and experiences
Thu, Jun 8

Job Analysis, Descriptions, and Evaluations Made Simple

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Best practices for hiring, managing, and developing employees

How can you attract, retain, and manage employees without understanding the responsibilities of the position? Job analysis, job descriptions, and job evaluations form the foundation of many HR practices including compensation decisions, training and development, performance management, and creating reasonable accommodation controls. In addition, they are used as a tool for recruiting and providing a solid foundation for legal compliance. This skill-building session gives you the chance to:
  • Understand the components of a job analysis
  • Discuss the do’s and don’ts of job descriptions
  • Write clearly defined job responsibilities
  • Utilize job descriptions to evaluate positions for internal and external equity
Thu, Jun 15

Getting Creative to Attract and Retain Talent

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Creative strategies for building a strong and diverse workforce

A pandemic, worker shortages, wage wars and a host of other factors have complicated the process of attracting and retaining talent. This course provides a up-to-the-minute review of what your competitors are doing, national trends, innovative approaches and innovations in recruitment. We’ll look at how HR should manage the process and investigate how talent acquisition isn’t an event or just a process but a strategic approach to keeping your organization fully staffed and growing. In this knowledge building session, you’ll get the chance to:

  • Explain HR’s role in managing the acquisition and retention process
  • Engage in workforce planning to move talent acquisition from an event to a strategic process
  • Describe the latest sourcing vehicles and trends in acquisition and retention
  • Identify changes to your interviewing process and content to maximize effectiveness
Thu, Jun 22

Getting Started with Behavioral Based Interviewing

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

A practical guide to hiring the right candidate every time

While Talent Acquisition doesn’t begin or end with interviewing, it is the pivot point around which the process revolves. Identifying individuals who match your culture, who have the requisite skills to perform or have the potential to succeed in your organization depends on your organization’s ability to discern the wheat from the chaff. This program is about the skills required to ask the right questions, listen (and see) the right answers and match what you see and hear to what your organization requires. You’ll leave this class with a roadmap to effective behavioral interviewing and an understanding that interviewing is not the art of asking the right questions, but the science of translating what you see and hear into a decision. In this skill building session you’ll get the chance to:

  • Discover the essential elements of the interviewing process
  • Identify the proper way to format questions and the importance of listening rather than talking
  • Discover how to manage the interview process to learn the most about a candidate, even those who are reluctant to talk
  • Investigate how to incorporate ‘what’ is said and ‘how’ it is said into decision-making.
Thu, Jun 29

An Introduction to Employee Handbooks

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Learn the steps to establishing policies and procedures

This class explores the questions “why should I have an employee handbook” and “what does it do for my organization”. You’ll learn how your handbook is your calling card, a contract between your organization and your employees, and a critical component of your defense in the event of a legal action. A properly constructed employee handbook is a work of art in communicating mutual expectations, company policies, and your code of conduct. In this knowledge building session you’ll get the chance to:
  • Describe the key components of an effective employee handbook
  • Review how policies and the code of conduct are incorporated into the handbook
  • Distinguish the benefits of a properly constructed employee handbook
  • Evaluate your current employee handbook against the standards discussed
Thu, Jul 13

Personnel Records: an Overview

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Establish best practices for maintaining accurate and compliant employee files

While there are many options for how personnel records are established and maintained, they are essential on a wide number of fronts. In this program, participants will explore the kinds of records required, electronic options, maintenance, proper documentation and the regulatory environment affecting personnel records. This knowledge building session gives you the chance to:
  • Discover the essential elements of personnel records
  • Identify the regulatory environment impacting the establishment and maintenance of employee records
  • Discover the importance of documentation in personnel events; the key role of HR in assisting front line leaders in documenting events and the legal importance of proper documentation
  • Evaluate options for how records are established and maintained for your organization
Thu, Jul 20

Performance Appraisals

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Simplifying the process of setting goals ,providing feedback, and evaluating employee performance

Managers despise them, employees dread them, and HR is left to make it happen! If that describes your organization’s performance appraisal system, this course is for you! We’ll look at: how you can overcome the reluctance of all involved, how a systematic approach to appraisals can work for your organization, and how HR can ensure consistency and quality in appraisals. We’ll explore how the formal appraisal is simply a culmination of a communications process that keeps employees informed of their status, expectations and consequences.
This knowledge building session gives you the chance to:
  • Discover how the common pitfalls of an organization’s approach to appraisals generates anxiety and avoidance
  • Evaluate different formats for the appraisal process including the use of a pre-appraisal
  • Identify the essential elements that make the formal appraisal a confirmation of communications that have occurred throughout the performance period
  • Discover how HR can help managers write more effective and honest appraisals.
Thu, Jul 27

From Discipline to Termination: When Coaching Isn't Working

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Guidance on handling employee performance issues

Telling an employee that they are failing on the job is something most leaders dread. Telling them they’ve lost their job is worse. This session focuses on what happens when improvement doesn’t materialize after coaching. You’ll learn why these conversations are so difficult and how our own values and the organization’s culture and discipline policy influences our decision-making. We’ll review conflict and communications basics and provide ground rules for these difficult discussions. You’ll practice in real world situations to build your skills. In this session you will:
  • Confirm why these discussions are so difficult for both the leader and the employee.
  • Discover how our own values intersect with company culture and disciplinary policies to provide a framework for our people decisions.
  • Review communication and conflict basics to prepare for these difficult discussions.
  • Practice having those worst-case scenario conversations.
Thu, Aug 3

An Introduction to Strategic Thinking and Planning

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Info coming soon

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