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Terry Cook

Senior Vice President – Employer Services

Meet Terry Cook, AIM HR Solutions’ Senior Vice President of Employer Services and a true HR powerhouse with over 17 years of dedicated service here at AIM. Terry has built a reputation as a go-to resource for all HR-related matters, thanks to her expertise and vast experience across all fields of Human Resources.

Terry oversees the AIM HR Helpline and compliance area, where she and our team provide invaluable resources and advice to AIM members on day-to-day HR issues. She also manages our recruitment services, excelling in finding the best candidates for roles in a variety of industries. Terry’s passion for HR extends beyond her work at AIM HR Solutions, as she is a regular at our HR roundtables, where she shares her insights and experience with other HR professionals.

Terry’s skills in project management and logistics are a crucial part of her contribution to AIM HR Solutions. In her role, Terry ensures that all training classes are expertly organized and executed.

When she’s not busy leading our HR efforts, Terry indulges in her love of cooking and baking. She also enjoys camping with her husband and dogs, exploring the great outdoors and taking in all that life has to offer.

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