Supervisor Essentials Certificate Series

Virtual leadership training for up-and-coming or existing leaders

Supervisor Essentials Certificate Series

Today’s front-line leaders are accountable for managing a broad set of responsibilities, while at the same time leading, coaching, and motivating a team. This is no easy task given the often-conflicting expectations that come regularly from a variety of sources.

Having confident and skilled leaders in place can enhance your organization’s ability to attract and retain top talent while boosting overall productivity and engagement. Our front-line leadership series consists of ten carefully selected topic areas.

We take pride in offering interactive, discussion-based virtual classes led by expert facilitators. Participants will develop practical skills, strategies, and tactical tools they can immediately apply in the workplace.

Sold as a full-series online. Individual classes provided manually.
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Who should attend this series?

New supervisors or group-leaders looking to expand their skill set beyond technical

Team members in a leadership pipeline on a succession path

Experienced supervisors seeking a refresher of current practices and tools


Sept 28, 30; Oct 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28

Online -8am - 11:30am (Scroll for descriptions)

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Classes and Descriptions

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Class 1: The Emerging Role of the Front-Line Leader

Every organization has a unique culture, and each supervisor plays an especially important role in helping to shape it. Explore the complexities of the front-line supervisory role and the skills required to succeed. In this class, you will:

Learn your role in representing the organization’s culture

Clarify the expectations of your company, employees, and your internal and external customers

Create your own Individual Development Plan (IDP) utilizing the concepts learned

**Required for Certificate

Upcoming Classes:

Track E - 9/28

Class 2: Setting Priorities, Defining Objectives and Managing Time

Organizations everywhere are becoming much more efficient in doing more with less and working with their teams to do the same. Strategically navigating your daily to-do list may seem impossible, yet it simply takes learning and skill to accomplish. Learn how to overcome barriers and plan for the unexpected. In this class you will:

Identify and reinforce the skills of setting goals and prioritizing with ample practice and feedback

Learn how to prioritize, support and complete your goals through hands-on exercises

Discover the importance of business planning and aligning team efforts

Track E - 9/30

Class 3: Developing a Leadership Style

Taking a team to an efficient and high performing structure does not happen without a leader who is skilled and understands their impact on others. In this class you will:

Explore, and learn details on a variety of different leadership styles

Discover your personal leadership style and how it impacts your success

Learn how generational differences may affect your leadership style

Track E - 10/5

Class 4: Effective Communications

Strong communications are critical to a well-functioning organization. Understanding when, how, and what to communicate can improve the skill of any leader. It is essential to know how to communicate not only with your fellow employees and team but also customers and vendors. In this class you will:

Explore concepts of clear and concise verbal and non-verbal communication

Understand the impact of listening and interpretation

Learn strategies for influencing others

Track E - 10/7

Class 5: Developing Your People

A strong team leader knows how to leverage their individual team member’s strength’s and improve upon their opportunities through coaching, education, and mentorship to name a few. By having a dynamic skill-set, supervisors can be transformed into highly influential leaders. In this class you will:

Learn how to create an inventory of your team's strengths and improve on their areas of opportunity

Discover how to address problems associated with underperforming staff

Review strategies in leading others to their highest potential

Track E - 10/12

Class 6: Leading a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce

Knowing how to properly manage a diverse workforce so that your staff can understand each other’s differences can be a real game-changer. In this class you will:

Learn best practices for leading employees of different backgrounds

Address multi-generational differences among employees

Discover methods for inclusion that provide equal opportunities

Review cultural issues that may affect recruitment and retention

Track E - 10/14

Class 7: Today's Legal Environment

Awareness of federal and state employment laws and regulations and how to mitigate risk is now more crucial than ever. Virtually all decisions inherent in employment law violation lie with under-educated management. In this class you will:

Review the federal and state employment laws that impact your role

Learn how employment laws are broken inadvertently every day by leaders

Learn what your role is when an employee escalates an issue

Explore strategies for reducing legal risk and potential challenges

**Required for Certificate

Track E - 10/19

Class 8: Resolving Conflict & Solving Problems

Every supervisor at some point must deal with conflict within their team. Knowing how to manage the situation appropriately and work to resolve the issue in a timely manner is critical. In this class you will:

Utilize tools to define, assess, manage, and resolve problems and workplace conflict

Gain insight into your style in the problem-solving process and learn techniques to become a better decision maker

Understand the distinction between constructive and destructive conflict

Learn how to address conflicts and maintain positive relationships

Track E - 10/21

Class 9: Building Your Team through Working Together

Your team’s success weighs heavily on their ability to work together productively. One of the greatest tasks of a supervisor is keeping a team on track and influencing and guiding them. In this class you will:

Focus on a clear, common goal and relate it to your team’s success

Explore how to achieve extraordinary performance through a team

Discover the pitfalls that undermine the team’s success and develop alternative approaches

Track E - 10/26

Class 10: Utilizing Your Front-Line Leadership Toolkit

You have learned a lot throughout this series, and now it is time to put it into action. In this class you will:

Review the key concepts from the entire series

Get answers to any outstanding questions you may have

Work through a case study that touches upon many of the key concepts covered throughout the series

Review recommendations for your Individual Development Plan (IDP) to bring to your workplace immediately

**Required for Certificate

Track E - 10/28