Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Understanding, valuing and leveraging differences is key to your success

This interactive program respectfully explores sensitive, useful, and important information for any manager or supervisor who has employees from different cultural or generational backgrounds. It goes beyond the cliché of ‘understanding’ differences and offers realistic tips for effectively leveraging unique differences among employees to boost morale, engagement, and the bottom line.

Learning Objectives

  • Distinguish between a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Increase awareness of your own cultural programming and unconscious bias
  • Discover commonalities among those who are seemingly different from you
  • Identify cultural influences on behavior in the workplace
  • Build a cultural framework for inclusivity in your workplace
  • Strengthen skills for communicating with, and resolving conflict among a diverse staff

Who Should Attend?

New supervisors or a refresher for the more experienced. It is also highly impactful when delivered throughout an organization for consistent messaging and practices.

Note: This program is most effective when the discussion is expanded to include other relevant diversity issues that affect the day-to-day workplace – those based on gender, disability, and/or generational differences for example – as well as cultural.

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