Self-Awareness and Empathy for Leaders

Helping leaders bring out the best in others and themselves

Self-Awareness and Empathy for Leaders Series

Without a doubt today’s leaders face increasing challenges while managing their teams. Confronted with safety concerns and personal pressures, they need new skills to address unique workplace dynamics – hybrid workers, societal diversity and inclusion influences, increased virtual communications, employee generational gaps and cultural sensitivitiesLeveraging both intellectual and emotional thinking to manage growing pressures help leaders bring out the best in others and themselves, particularly in the most trying of times.

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Who Should Attend?

Anyone who manages people

Applicable to any size company and any industry


Feb 2, 9, 16

Online - 9-11am


June 1, 8, 15

Online - 9-11am


Classes and Descriptions

Class 1 | Harassment/Discrimination Prevention Training – Managers

This program will review the applicable state and federal laws and offer practical information about how harassment and discrimination happens in the workplace as well as steps that can be taken to avoid these situations.

Types of harassment and discrimination

Review of your company policy

Important definitions

How to avoid problem situations

Employer & employee responsibilities

Helpful conduct guidelines

Real-world examples and scenarios

Upcoming Classes:

Feb 2
June 1

Class 2 | Unconscious Bias: Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

This highly engaging program respectfully explores sensitive, useful, and important information on unconscious bias for any company with employees from different cultural or generational backgrounds. It goes beyond understanding differences and offers practical tips for respectfully and effectively leveraging uniqueness and commonalities among employees to boost morale, engagement, and your bottom line.

Distinguish between a diverse and an inclusive workforce

Increase self-awareness of your own cultural programming and unconscious bias

Discover commonalities among those seemingly different from you

Identify cultural influences on workplace behavior

Explore skills for communicating effectively among a diverse team

Begin to identify organizational practices to reinforcing inclusivity in your workplace.

Upcoming Classes:

Feb 9
June 8

Class 3 | Empathy for Leaders

This session explores how leaders can harness emotional intelligence concepts of self-awareness to self-regulate natural responses and “show up” in ways employees need during uncertain times. Participants will develop a heightened awareness of their preferred leadership approach through a self-assessment and engage in addressing some common scenarios leaders now face. They’ll also explore how to flex their personal style to fit a situation or individual.

Assess and reflect upon your own emotional intelligence

Examine characteristics and practices of emotionally intelligent leaders

Identify your personal triggers and how to acknowledge and adapt in the moment

Discover the value of being self-aware and able to self-regulate your emotions using relevant scenarios that most leaders are facing today.

Identify ways to flex your leadership style to compassionately connect, influence and motivate others during times of uncertainty and fear

Upcoming Classes:

Feb 16
June 15