Self-Awareness and Empathy for Leaders

Helping leaders bring out the best in others and themselves

Self-Awareness and Empathy for Leaders Series

Without a doubt today’s leaders face increasing challenges while managing their teams. Confronted with safety concerns and personal pressures, they need new skills to address unique workplace dynamics – hybrid workers, societal diversity and inclusion influences, increased virtual communications, employee generational gaps and cultural sensitivitiesLeveraging both intellectual and emotional thinking to manage growing pressures help leaders bring out the best in others and themselves, particularly in the most trying of times.

Cost to attend series:

$475 for AIM Members | $600 for Non-Members

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who manages people

Applicable to any size company and any industry


June 30, July 7, July 14

Virtual - 9:00 am - 11:00 am

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Classes and Descriptions

Class 1 | Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

The second program focuses on preventing workplace harassment and discrimination. Applicable state and federal laws, along with company vs. individual liability are reviewed. Practical, tactical information is shared on how workplace harassment and discrimination occur, and mitigation strategies for the future. Relevant scenarios are explored by building ways to sustain a respectful workplace, as well as understanding your role as an agent in creating culture. This is a two-hour program.

Upcoming Classes:

There are no upcoming classes at this time

Class 2 | Unconscious Bias

The first of this new three-part virtual series begins by respectfully exploring sensitive, useful, and relevant content on unconscious bias. It goes beyond recognizing differences and offers realistic tips for sensitively and effectively leveraging uniqueness and commonalities among employees to boost engagement, retention, and your bottom line. Knowing how to adapt your approach and encourage employees to openly share feelings and thoughts, positively positions everyone, as business safely moves forward. This is a two-hour program.

Upcoming Classes:

July 7

Class 3 | Self-Awareness and Empathy

The third and final session encourages leaders to harness the concept of self-awareness - to self-regulate your natural responses and “show up” in caring, empathetic ways employees need during uncertain times. Leveraging the Platinum Rule – treat others the way they wish to be treated – by taking time to listen for intent demonstrates consideration. Emotionally intelligent leaders realize employee response to the pandemic is not “one-size-fits all”. When leaders practice self-awareness, empathy, and respectful communications, then employee trust, commitment, and productivity soon follow. This is a two-hour program.

Upcoming Classes:

July 14