Empathy – Crucial for Front-Line Leaders

Strengthen interpersonal relationships and become more effective leading and working with others

Program Length 90 minutes held virtually


There is no doubt that leadership is being confronted with increased challenges in leading their teams. Faced with their own safety concerns and personal pressures, they need new skills to address tough employee questions, remote work, conflicts, and fear. Leveraging both intellectual and emotional thinking to manage growing pressures will bring out the best in others and themselves, particularly in the most trying of times, such as today’s COVID-19 pandemic.

This 90-minute session explores how leaders can harness emotional intelligence concepts of self-awareness to self-regulate natural responses and “show up” in ways employees need during uncertain times. Participants will develop a heightened awareness of their preferred leadership approach through a self-assessment and engage in addressing some common scenarios front-line leaders now face. They’ll also explore how to flex their personal style to fit a situation or individual. .

Emotionally intelligent leaders understand employee response to the pandemic isn’t a “one-size fits all” reaction. When leaders practice self-awareness, empathy and respectful communications, employee trust, commitment and productivity follow.

Today some managers may feel an urgent need to get business back to normal as soon as possible. For others, the risks and isolation associated with coronavirus have elevated anxiety and they’re fearful of returning to work too. Knowing how as a leader, you can adapt your approach and encourage employees to openly discuss feelings and thoughts, positively positions everyone, as business safely moves forward.


  • Assess and reflect upon your own emotional intelligence
  • Examine the characteristics and practices of emotionally intelligent leaders
  • Identify your personal triggers and how to acknowledge and adapt in the moment
  • Discover the value of being self-aware and able to self-regulate your emotions using relevant scenarios that most leaders are facing today
  •  Identify ways to flex your leadership style to compassionately connect, influence and motivate others during times of uncertainty and fear

Who should attend?

Anyone from C-Suite to the Front-Line Leader who wishes to strengthen interpersonal relationships and become a more effective leading and working with others, especially during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are interested in holding this course for your front-line leaders, please contact Contact Gary MacDonald at GMacDonald@AIMHRSolutions.com or at 617.488.8348 for discussion on how we can help your organization.