Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate Series

A year of understanding

Conversation in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – for Supervisors and HR Professionals

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a top priority for every employer. But what is next? How do you drive inclusion? How do you build a culture where everyone feels included, valued, and heard? We’ll answer these questions and more in this program.

Each session features subject matter experts, scroll down to each session description for details and to register for individual sessions.

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Who should attend this series?

Anyone with HR responsibilities

Supervisors and Managers

Class Dates & Times

Classes and Descriptions

Class 2 | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Talent Management

As we build our diversity initiatives for 2021, we need to remember that creating a diverse culture in our organizations starts even before an employee is hired. We need to make sure that candidates WANT to apply for our positions and know that we embrace diversity at our company. How can you do that during the hiring process?

Subject matter experts for this session include:

• Stephanie Browne, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Diversity Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
• Dr. Marvin Loiseau, Dean of Academic Affairs at Ben Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT)
• Tye Graham, Talent Acquisition Diversity and Inclusion at Eastern Bank

How to brand your organization to attract diverse talent and create a welcoming culture

Identify resources for sourcing and attracting diverse talent

Creating an effective onboarding and mentorship program for an inclusive workforce

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Cost to attend individual session: $99 AIM Members | $120 Non-Members

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Class 3 | Immigration and the Workplace – Understanding Visas, I-9s, E-Verify and No Match Letters

Immigration in the workplace has been at the forefront throughout 2020 and all indications are that it will be a focus for 2021 as well. From a new I9 form and changed processes to a shortage of visas in the workplace, companies are needing to take a closer look and update their immigration policies and procedures. In addition to that, many of us are looking for and finding talent in a variety of cities, states, and even countries in the new workplace. Please join us for this important session to look at the most current information on immigration in the workplace.

Visas – pandemic and administration updates for 2021

I-9’s – review changes from 2020 including verification processes during the Pandemic. What will we see in the future with a focus on virtual workplaces?

E-verify – legal requirements and best practices

No match letters - pandemic delays and review of employee processes

Best practices during the hiring process

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Class 4 | Understanding Emerging Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Through a conversation surrounding diversity, we focus on understanding diversity, which refers to all of the ways that people are different including gender. Through understanding and awareness, we’ll learn how to be sensitive and respectful of differences in the workplace.

Review of the legal rights and compliance needs surrounding gender and LGBTQ+ people in the workplace

Understand the basic vocabulary needed and provide some context for the terminology specifically related to the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or "LGBTQ+" people.

Understand the underlying issues of sex and gender as they are vitally important to ensuring that everyone in the workplace is treated with respect and dignity.

Remove unknown barriers to inclusivity and look at the ways in which gender affects teamwork and explore some ways in which teams actively can work to overcome the barriers that often keep teams from achieving their goals.

Explore how AIM members are embracing LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace.

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Class 5 | Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

This program explores how human resources and supervisors can create and support an inclusive work environment. Learn realistic tips for effectively including and leveraging unique differences among employees to boost morale, engagement, and the bottom line.

How to distinguish between a diverse and an inclusive workforce

Identify cultural influences on behavior in the workplace

How to strengthen skills for communicating, listening and welcoming different perspectives among a diverse staff

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Class 6 | Developing Inclusive Handbook Policies

Your company says that it’s welcoming and promotes diversity, but do your employee handbook policies support your diversity initiatives? Join this class to take a deeper look at handbook policies that might be biased and learn how to write policies that are inclusive of all races, genders, religions, and other protected employee classifications.

Understand how handbook policies might be biased

Explore required handbook policies such as EEO, ADA and Harassment/Discrimination

Develop dress code, holiday and pay practice policies to meet the diverse needs of your organization

Leave with sample EEO, ADA and Harassment/Discrimination policies

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Class 7 | Pay Equity – Developing Equitable Compensation Strategies and Complying with MA Law

The MA Pay Equity law became effective on July 1, 2018, yet women still only make $0.81 for every $1.00 a man makes. What is your organization doing to promote compensation equity in the workplace? Equity doesn’t just come in the form of base pay, but also bonuses, benefits, assignment of roles, and general pay policies. Learn how your organization can be proactive and progressive as it works towards gender equity in compensation.

Review MA pay equity law and trends in other states

Explore how COVID has disproportionately impacted the pay of women

Understand the ongoing pay requirements related to MA Pay Equity

Discuss disparate pay between races

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Class 8 | Developing an Inclusive Office Space – ADA Considerations

Office spaces have changed over time from private offices and cubicles to large open collaborative areas. As a result of the pandemic, working from home has become increasingly common. Is your organization prepared to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and any accommodations requested by your employees?

Understand the ADA and employer requirements

Explore common workplace accommodations for employees and guests

Learn about design strategies, equipment and technology that can create an inclusive work environment

Discuss the impact of the remote work environment on employees with disabilities

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Class 9: Managing Generational Diversity at Work

Recognizing and understanding differences among the different generations in the workforce can help your supervisors better supervise employees. Generational diversity can have an impact on the way employees perform, the way they perceive their supervisors and the organization, and the way they interact with one another. Although generational differences are only one way the workforce is diverse, and although generation is only one factor among many affecting employees’ attitudes and behavior, your supervisors need to understand the generational influences, experiences, and concerns that shape employees so that they can work well with employees of all ages and encourage their workers to perform at their best.

Define generational diversity

Identify the different generations in the workforce

Understand differences among the generations that can affect the workplace

Appreciate the impact of generational diversity in communication, feedback, teamwork, motivation, training, and development

Use knowledge of generational diversity to improve supervision of all employees

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Cost to attend individual session: $99 AIM Members | $120 Non-Members

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