Customer Service Certificate Series

Interactive training to improve the customer experience

Customer Service Skills Certificate Series

Exceptional customer service is essential to your business and plays a central role in maintaining a competitive advantage. Companies that consistently provide outstanding customer service build relationships, retain lifelong customers and can easily be set apart from their competition.

AIM HR Solutions offers an interactive and relatable learning program where participants discover why sales growth is essential and how loyal customers will strengthen your business. There is no substitute for outstanding customer service and no excuse for poor service.

These classes are offered as onsite training at your location. Our expert facilitators will come to you and deliver customized training for your organization, on your schedule. You may select the entire four-session series or individual classes based on your business needs. For more information, please contact Kelly McInnis at

Who Should Attend?

Any employee who interacts with customers either internally or externally

Delivery drivers or professional technicians who regularly communicate with customers as part of their role

Classes and Descriptions

Class 1 | Becoming a Customer Service Professional

Where would we be without our customers? They are not a given! In this interactive session, participants explore the value of superior customer service and how to create a service culture in the workplace. Customer service excellence concepts are introduced and practiced helping participants identify, respect and delight both internal and external customers. In this class you will:

Learn how to embrace a service culture mindset

Explore the concept of “word-of-mouth” marketing

Discover why complaints are critical to the customer service process

Identify the key behaviors that create a service environment

Differentiate between customer satisfaction and loyalty

Identify the essential stages of the customer service cycle

Class 2 | Good Communication Means Great Customer Service

Message sent is message received. How do we know? This session highlights the value of clear communications in day-to-day dealings with customers, both internal and external. It focuses on how common communication barriers such as perceptions, assumptions, listening, and style can impact the customer relationship. Techniques are explored to remove those barriers and increase communication effectiveness. In this class you will:

Become more aware of different communication styles, including your own

Understand the impact of perceptions, assumptions, and viewpoints, on the communication process

Improve your active listening skills

Class 3 | Dealing with Difficult Customers

“No” is a complete sentence and it goes both ways! This engaging session focuses on difficult customers and how to build trusting, lasting relationships. Careful attention is given to angry, emotional customers, although other definitions of “difficult” are explored. Techniques are offered for diffusing anger, respectfully saying no, and providing alternatives when things go wrong while still protecting your brand. In this class you will:

Understand how to manage and satisfy your demanding customers – especially, angry or frustrated ones

Learn how to build rapport and problem solve creatively to support even the most difficult customers and situations

Learn techniques for improving relationships with your customers when you have to say ‘no.’

Understand why customer complaints are gems and the importance of capturing them through well thought out internal processes

Class 4 | Managing Multiple Priorities

Focusing on what matters most can be a challenge. Everything is important. Alternatively, is it really? This interactive session is designed to help participants prioritize their work and responsibilities. It features tips for time management and organization, as well as techniques for stress management and delegation skills when appropriate. In this class you will:

Learn to apply time management techniques in the workplace

Discuss how to Identify and overcome barriers to productivity and task accomplishment

Discover time management tips and how to implement them in the workplace

Review strategies for dealing with stress in the workplace

Class 5 | Customer Service Strategies for Professional Drivers [Optional]

The truck door opens and out steps your company brand! In addition to skilled, safe driving, a strong customer service focus is essential for the professional driver. These key team members are the face of your organization, not only to your customers but to those on the road as well. This highly interactive session explores the service challenges of the job for drivers. In this class you will:

Define superior customer service and why it is important

Identify critical behaviors that create a climate of service and build customer loyalty

Describe behaviors for positively managing service opportunities

Explore the process of communication as an essential factor in professional effectiveness

Learn how drivers can best manage and satisfy difficult customers - especially those who are angry or frustrated