Advanced HR Series

Advanced training for HR professionals

Advanced HR Series

As an HR practitioner, you are a strategic business partner supporting your organization’s people-related initiatives. You play a critical role as a change agent, problem solver, and relationship builder. AIM HR Solutions’ Advanced HR Certificate Series consists of ten half-day modules over the course of five weeks and provides an in-depth and strategic review of HR topics designed to empower practitioners seeking to broaden their knowledge and skills in the HR space.

The role of today’s HR leader demands broad responsibilities that include up-to-date legal compliance knowledge, understanding of current best practices, organizational leadership, and strategic thinking. HR departments are being called upon to make bigger-picture decisions and to execute clear HR strategies that align with broader organizational goals.

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Price for Series: $1,625 AIM Members | $2,025 Non-Members

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Who Should Attend?

Individuals with 2 or more years of HR experience

Anyone who has completed our Level 1 HR program

Current HR practitioners, business managers and owners seeking knowledge and skill in a specific topic area

Series Dates & Locations

There are no series at this time

Oct 25, 27; Nov 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 29; Dec 1

Online - 1:00-4:30pm


Classes and Descriptions

Class 1 | The Business Partner Relationship

The building of effective and sometimes targeted relationships in and outside your organization is the foundation for success and satisfaction for every HR professional. In this class, you will:

Strategize how to build credibility and trust with internal individual contributors, HR teams, and senior leadership throughout the organization

Review influencing practices and how to provide skilled and sought-after counsel in people-related matters

Discuss the vital importance of proactivity and personal ethics and accountability

Upcoming Classes:

Oct 25

Class 2 | Driving a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce

HR’s role in encouraging awareness and understanding of cultural and generational influences on points of view, interactions, and decisions is essential. During the session, we will explore the impact surrounding the phenomenon of unconscious bias and its potential influence on our judgments and reactions. In this class, you will:

Discover best practices for leading an increasingly diverse workforce regarding generations, cultures, genders, backgrounds, and experiences

Explore methods for inclusion that provide employees with encouragement and opportunities to make the most of their strengths

Review a variety of language, generational, and cultural issues that may affect recruitment, retention, and team building

Define unconscious bias and explore its impact on our behavior and decision making and investigate strategies to enhance interactions and communications with people from diverse backgrounds

Upcoming Classes:

Oct 27

Class 3 | Total Rewards Compensation

One top priority for most organizations is creating a competitive compensation plan. Building a solid plan requires tailoring it to your business needs while remaining competitive with your industry’s market. In this class, you will:

Explore legal aspects of compensation

Identify compensation program trends

Align pay and performance

Recognize incentive compensation trends

Implement total compensation strategies

Upcoming Classes:

Nov 1

Class 4 | Performance Management Excellence

Performance management is a never-ending process. Whether you want to implement a formal or informal performance management process, you will gain insight into building a system that works for your organization. In this class, you will:

Review reasons for performance management systems

Understand and develop core competencies

Practice writing goals/objectives

Review legalities of performance appraisals

Practice delivery and feedback on performance systems

Upcoming Classes:

Nov 3

Class 5 | Employment Laws & Organizational Compliance

Understanding critical federal and state laws that impact your workplace is imperative. Virtually all risk related to employment law violation lies with uneducated or undereducated management, and HR is essential to helping businesses understand compliance. In this class, you will:

Review federal and state employment laws impacting work today

Explore and practice how to effectively advise on compliance concerns to leadership teams

Gain a better understanding of addressing real-world issues that have the potential for legal challenges

Upcoming Classes:

Nov 8

Class 6 | Workplace Incident Investigations

HR plays a unique role when it comes to investigating and resolving workplace incidents. The process can be demanding and complicated, but with the right knowledge and training, you’ll be able to avoid common mistakes that can cost your company both time and money. In this class, you will:

Explore the various types of workplace investigations and the process

Acquire the skills needed to plan, conduct, and conclude investigations

Learn about the impact of ineffective investigations and what to do to avoid them

Upcoming Classes:

Nov 10

Class 7 | HR’s Role in Strategic Planning

The role of today’s HR leader demands broad responsibilities that include organizational leadership and strategic thinking. HR departments are being called upon to make bigger-picture decisions and to execute well-defined HR strategies that align with broader organizational strategies. In this class, you will:

Explore HR’s role is as a strategic partner

Discover how to align your HR tools and expertise best to support strategy

Identify workforce strategy and key elements for success

Recognize how using metrics can build on your ability to influence decisions

Upcoming Classes:

Nov 15

Class 8 | Harnessing HR Metrics

Data-driven HR begins by defining and implementing the right HR metrics to track and report. Metrics help determine the effectiveness of existing decisions and programs and help to influence HR strategy. In this class, you will:

Learn to determine which metrics are relevant to your strategic business goals and how to implement those successfully

Understand the different types of HR metrics and realize their respective applications and impact to the overall business

Determine the right data to collect for your organization, explore the tools available to develop usable data, and how to best communicate the information in a functional way

Upcoming Classes:

Nov 17

Class 9 | Developing Organizational Talent

Development and education initiatives are essential to a thriving culture and are proven to improve the retention of talent. In this class, you will:

Learn keys to securing management support for employee development initiatives

Explore a training needs assessment unique to your company

Discuss the best approach and forum for your organizational and educational needs

Gain funding ideas toward your initiatives through grants

Upcoming Classes:

Nov 29

Class 10 | HR's Role in Managing Change

Change can be complicated and multi-faceted. Whether the change happens because of external or internal reasons, HR plays a vital role throughout the process. For employees to embrace change, they must understand leadership’s vision and how the change will benefit the organization. HR is a driving force behind this. In this class, you will:

Learn how HR leads change and reasons why managing change often fails

Identify steps to maximizing the positive and minimizing resistance

Practice techniques for leading through transitions and how to develop a personal plan to thrive

Upcoming Classes:

Dec 1