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Arlene Lennon

Director, HR Services

Arlene, an accomplished HR professional, joined AIM HR Solutions in 2015 with extensive experience as a Generalist and HR Manager. She excels in providing HR management and support for small and mid-size companies, tackling complex challenges with creative problem-solving skills. Arlene’s leadership, management, and customer relationship abilities have been consistently demonstrated throughout her career.

With industry experience in manufacturing, assisted living, and banking, Arlene brings a diverse skill set to her role. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she actively volunteers at Schultz’s Guest House, a rescue organization dedicated to helping lost, homeless, and abandoned dogs in the southern region. Arlene’s dedication to both her work and making a positive impact in the lives of animals reflects her compassionate nature and commitment to serving others.

If she was not working at AIM HR Solutions, Arlene would be traveling around the country, doing yoga, and enjoying time with friends and rescue dogs.