Train the Front-line Leader Trainer

Building Internal Training Bench Strength

Program Length Three-hour program, delivered in two, 90-minute virtually facilitated sessions with blended learning activities outside of class.


Businesses understand the value of having respected subject matter expert leaders serve in a training capacity due to evolving business needs. With COVID-19 related concerns impacting workforce continuity, managers are now needing to train people as they return to work from furlough, or cross-train in another function as some have yet to return, were furloughed or are now remote, or the even need to hire new employees or temps due to gaps in staffing.

Often the choice of utilizing managers in a cross-training capacity can come at the expense of weakened and ineffective training programs. This virtual two-part session is designed to provide front-line leaders with useful, real-world skills to help them become confident, effective trainers, especially now when adaptability is critical.


  • Explore the importance of knowing your learners before training
  • Define ADDIE model of instructional design
  • Identify and discuss techniques in selecting training methods
  • Discuss learning styles – kinesthetic, auditory and visual
  • Review the differences in adult learner expectations
  • Describe the four elements of writing performance-based objectives
  • Review Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation and learn how to apply
  • Discover how to assess trainee performance during training
  • Discuss specific steps to encourage trainee participation and feedback
  • Practice the ROPES model in structuring On the Job Training (OJT)

Who should attend?

This program is designed for all levels and especially front-line leaders needing to train and cross-train teams during a challenging time of furloughs, reductions, remote or temp workers, along with business uncertainty to ensure technical talent functions continue to operate effectively.


Organizations embarking on sizeable training initiatives may wish to expand the program to include AIM HR Solution’s participation in trainer selection and ‘modeling’ of trainer delivery behavior by our expert trainer(s). This option may include our trainer(s) conducting company programs while observed by company-designated trainers with follow-up feedback, individual coaching, and further skill-building.

If you are interested in holding this course for your front-line leaders, please contact Contact Kelly McInnis at or at 617.488.8321 for a discussion on how we can help your organization.