Re-opening Services & Programs

We are here to help

In response to COVID-19 and the re-opening of businesses across the Commonwealth, AIM HR Solutions has put together the following services and programs for our customers.

Need help with something not listed here? Contact Kelly McInnis at or at 617.488.8321.


  • Re-opening Consultation – AIM HR Solutions staff – some of the same people who answer your questions on the Employer Hotline – stand ready to provide more extensive and dedicated expert guidance as you develop and implement your action plans.
  • COVID-19 Control Plan Final Review – Build confidence that your COVID-19 Control Plan is sound and thorough, with the assistance of an HR professional who has been working with COVID-19 workplace issues for months now. We will review the final draft of your COVID-19 Control Plan, discuss the plan with you, provide commentary and suggestions, and help you finalize it. The cost is $300 for AIM members, $360 for non-members. Contact Kelly McInnis at or at 617.488.8321.
  • Handbook Subscription with COVID-19 Model Policies – In the face of the pandemic, it’s not unrealistic to expect numerous changes to your company handbook. AIM HR Solutions has developed dozens of model policies related to COVID-19, which may form an appendix to your handbook or be integrated within. Access these model policies through a purchase of the Handbook Subscription Service at $150 per year for AIM members, or $300 per year for non-members. This service also provides you with other essential model policies across the HR spectrum as regulations change throughout the year. Contact Kelly McInnis at or at 617.488.8321.
  • Contract HR – Engage with one of our knowledgeable and experienced HR consultants to either complement your existing HR staff or even lead the function for you. What’s more, this person will have ready access to HR subject matter experts within AIM HR for any specialized need, including COVID-19 related issues. The length of the engagement and the hours per week would be discussed and agreed upon upfront to best customize the fit and cost-effectiveness.