Succession Planning

Preparing for your business’s future success

AIM HR Solutions has assisted many organizations in identifying the key skills, behaviors, and responsibilities of its senior teams to ensure they are effectively aligned with the current and anticipated needs of the business.

All our HR practitioners are AIM HR Solutions employees. One of our seasoned professionals will guide you through a succession planning process in a customized fashion, clarifying priorities, setting and driving a plan.  Typical elements would include how to:

  • Articulate the critical success factors required for effective leadership going forward
  • Identify the current and anticipated organization structure
  • Identify and assess potential internal successors to key positions
  • Identify skills gaps amongst existing key staff, with accompanying development plans
  • Create a recruitment plan to add depth in a focused and rational manner
  • Develop communication processes to facilitate understanding and buy-in to the process
  • Provide on-going mentoring and coaching to ensure the effort is sustained and on-track