On-Demand HR – Powered by AIM HR Solutions

A Proactive and Dedicated HR Professional at Your Fingertips

On-Demand HR powered by AIM HR Solutions is for companies seeking remote HR support on an as-needed basis. On-Demand HR will provide a dedicated HR practitioner who will be available to provide HR compliance-related support, coaching, and guidance each month. This will allow companies to establish a personalized relationship with a dedicated HR practitioner, creating a more customized level of service.

Your expert will:

  • Get you started with a compliant and up to date handbook
  • Conduct an in-depth HR audit to determine where you stand
  • Notify you of upcoming compliance requirements
  • Discuss employee relations issues
  • Assist with writing and revising handbook policies
  • Provide guidance on onboarding, terminations, and performance management
  • and coordinate additional HR resources as needed

You’ll have peace of mind that HR help is only a phone call or email away.  Even better, we’ll be one step ahead, proactively reaching out about upcoming compliance deadlines and providing you with resources.  Download our one-pager for more information on this service.

On-Demand HR Quote