Emotional Intelligence at Work

Bringing out the best in others through self-awareness.

Program Length Half-day (four hours)


Successful, self-aware employees understand the powerful link between intellect, education, experience, and emotional intelligence (EQ). They leverage their rational and emotional brains to bring out the best in others and themselves. This program explores the concept of emotional intelligence in personal and interactive ways. Participants will develop a heightened awareness of their preferred approach to their role. Situational leadership – an ability to flex personal style and emotions to fit a situation – is a key focus. When a company values and reinforces thoughtful, self-aware, and respectful teamwork, strong results follow.


  • Explore the concept of emotional intelligence – what it is and what it isn’t
  • Describe the physical source of emotional intelligence
  • Assess and reflect upon your emotional intelligence
  • Examine the characteristics and qualities of emotionally intelligent people at work
  • Discover how the four core EQ skills can drive positive results
  • Identify ways to flex your style to influence and motivate others

Who should attend?

Anyone from C-Suite to the Front-Line employee who wishes to strengthen their interpersonal relationships at work.

If you are interested in holding this course for your organization, please contact Kelly McInnis at KMcInnis@AIMHRSolutions.com or at 617.488.8321.